I flew Emirates to Dubai in May 2013.

What a fascinating place. My first experience of the middle east and its quite an eye opener which I am very grateful for.
Emirates still hand out a little amenity pack which is becoming rare these days -so you can forget your toothbrush and eye shades, just bring your earplugs.
We stayed at the JW Marquis Marriott which is the worlds tallest hotel! Very luxurious and just a short cheap taxi ride to most attractions,
Of course I managed to shop :-) the outlet Mall although a bit far had the best bargains in a retail air conditioned style but saw some interesting bags and ethnic style tops at the souks which you will visit on the morning city tour I would recommend. Its worth buying the local ladies eye liner then.
Gold is amazing at the gold souk (market) but its a fair set price at the airport which includes the labour and you don’t have to barter.
Dune dinner safari is a must, just a bit more low key if your there during Ramadan.
I had got my first tattoo – henna of course, on my hands and ankles – beautiful mosaics which lasted about a week, tried the shisha pipe and saw the most amazing sunset.
We also spent a very memorable afternoon including traditional lunch off the floor at the Sheik Mohmammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in the old district not far from the museum which has the best gift shop! Lucky for the 30kg luggage allowance Emirates has.
Next time I would like to venture “down the road” to Abu Dhabi and do a high tea at the Burj al Arab.
Oh yeah and of course I went to the top of Burj Khalifa saw the dancing fountains and the most amazing aquariums at the Atlantis on the Palms at Jumeirah beach.
Bucket list is to stay in a room there where instead of a window the glass looks into the aquarium!
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