Hello lovely people!
I was lucky enough to go to the USA recently for a managers meeting. :)
We flew Qantas from Sydney to LA on the Boeing 747 and came home on the new airbus A380 which is currently trialling free internet access on board. About 30 travel agents from Vic/Tas/SA & NT and I got picked up in a stretch Hummer and got to drive through the Hollywood Hills and the “stars” homes as the LA marathon was on that Sunday morning and some major roads were closed. After checking into our hotel on Sunset Boulevard (!!!) we had a quick nap and did the hop on hop off bus before seeing Cirque du Soleil “Ovo” on Santa Monica beach. Can I just say I fell in love with Mexican food after a fantastic restaurant in Santa Monica and also spending the day in Tijuanna (mmmm Margaritas and just a little bit of shopping  - I will wear those half price cowboy boots…one day… I promise :) . Finished off with a weekend in Vegas and some fantastic shows and a little more shopping. USA rocks esp with the exchange rate at the moment!!!

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